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A custom campaign for ArmA2 Combined Operations. Official DLCs - BAF and PMC, are recommended for best experience, but not required.

A former scientist employed by the former Takistan Defense, appears to US outpost in quiet small village Sakhe near a mountain pass, requesting for immediate help. A small journal is about to turn the whole country into deadly chaos.

-Briefing/Overview/Gear choose for every mission
-Challenging missions with custom difficulty selection
-Much cutscenes and twists in evolving journey
-Basic infantry action with constant heavy independent friendly AI support (+CAS/Mortar Support)
-Many custom gameplay functions (Minefield creating system, Medic packs, Order AI teams between defense lines...)
-Player´s gear is transfered between missions (Use the weapon you find, through the campaign if you like)
-No High Command System (as default, but now as optional feature through custom Command Mode option)
-Massive use of custom-made Ambient Life (Animals, Civilians, Traffic, Crows, Flies)
-Much custom AI scripts (walking in random buildings, trench behaviour, covering, surrendering, creating minefields, tanks shooting buildings, using smokegrenades...)
-Long complex missions made with performance saving methods (Should works good with CPU like Q6600)
-Life multiplier available for high-end computer owners
-Custom voices/sounds (around 500+)
-ACE2 compatible

- Bardosy (Takistan Civilians, Takibans, Hungarian Combat)
- Domokun (Air Support, British Team Leader)
- Nettrucker (Fikri, PMC Unit, Land Support, German Combat)
- Poacher (British Combat)
- RejenOrst (Austin Paxton, U.S. Combat, Music) -
- SavedByGrace (HQ, U.S. Soldier #1/#2, U.S. Combat)
- Tslava (Czech Squad Leader, Czech Combat)

-Tested to work good too with ACE2 mod
-4th mission allows you to move AI defense lines via radio (proper guide not yet in the mission)

-You can save anytime via radio 0-0-1
-Medic-packs can also be used via radio
-There is more gear in HMMWV
-If you cant find the last enemy, there is usually a marker area on map showing his inaccurate location
-Local civilians may share you usefull extra information
-Good gameplay with friendly skills set to 1.0 in gamesettings, enemy 0.5 to 0.7 or more
-If played with ACE2 mod, change your weapon in 1st mission to fit in darkness.

Special Thanks:
-SavedByGrace for background story and dialog and scene suggestions for intro
-Bardosy, Domokun, Nettrucker, Poacher, RejenOrst, SavedByGrace & Tslava for voice-acting
-Nettrucker, Zipper5, Undeceived, SavedByGrace, Variable, Mad_Cheese, Dale0404, aLlamaWithARifle for testing
-BIS for the excelent game
-OFPEC, ArmaHolic for support

Scripting Credits:
-Mandoble for Mando Missiles Script
-Mondasa & Kronzky (Surrendering script borrowed partly from USPMON)
-Celery for (position ThisTrigger) & [0,0,0], also help and advices
-Xenogf for str(_array) != "[0,0,0]", help and advices
-i0n0s for saveVar, help and advices
-Zipper5, Kju, RejenOrst, ZoneKiller, h- for help and advices

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