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Czechoslovak People Army (CSLA) is a full modification for the game Arma2:Combined Operations which adds new czechoslovak men, weapons, vehicles and many other features.

‐ 3 new factions CSLA, AFMC and FIA (they will be extended in all upcoming patches)
‐ a lot of own detailed models which are fully compatible with OA (for example support of TI materials)
‐ detailed specification of all units from riflemen, through assistants, to ammo assistants
‐ advanced setting of penetration and armour of all vehicles (different thickness of armor)
‐ possibility of texture changing using CFG on all vehicles
‐ all hand guns and weapons on vehicles has the option for setting of zeroing
‐ all static infantry weapons can be unmounted and moved to another position
‐ advanced system of backpacks ‐ ammo, canister, repair and medical backpacks
‐ creating of trenches for units and vehicles
‐ AI can disassemble magazine 250x 7,62x54R to five magazines 50x 7,62x54R
‐ all new intro animations for all official islands

Singleplayer missions
Operation Dynamo, Heavy Metal, C.A.P., Patrol, Cobra, Steal the Land Rover, Tulga, Frogfoot

Multiplayer missions
Battle for Airbase, Operation Dynamo, CSLA Warfare

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