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Invasion 1944 is a historically accurate World War Two total conversion mod for ARMA 2: Combined Operations(ARMA2 + Arrowhead) centering on the European theater.

V2.62 Changelog-

- New: Panzerfaust 60 and 30 models by Kraetzer
- New: panzerfaust sound
- New: Backblast smoke from AT launchers
- New: British winter infantry
- New: Panther G model with various additions to crew anims, random appearence etc.
- New: Improved melee scripts, attaching bayonet automatically engages bayonet charge mode now (Shift+1/2 no longer required)
- New: Tank interior sounds
- New: PanzerII model
- New: Flying debris on explosions
- New: Sounds overhaul for vehicles, weapons, explosions and sonic cracks
- New: Main menu appearance and loading screen
- New: Neaville map by McNools
- New: Merderet_V2 map with various improvements, new locations and fixes
- New: Lee Enfield rifle model replaced (credits: BI)
- New: Luftwaffe Pilots by Yac
- New: Tank HUD

- Added: M1 Garand, Carbines, and M1919A4/6 updated models and textures by Yac
- Added: New M1A1 Thompson model by Babylonjoke
- Added: New G43 model by Macolik and Yac
- Added: New PzIV_D model by Vex_Man and Macolik
- Added: swapped out colt model with BI's colt
- Added: Machinegunner M1919A6's to all US Airborne factions
- Added: Multiple sights to Thompson, M1 Garand+M7 Grenade launcher, SMLE No. 4 scoped, press optics key (/ on Numpad by default) to switch optics

- Fixed: multiple ground parachute models in mp
- Fixed: fixed NVG skeleton selection (glasses position) on Airborne units.
- Fixed: ViewLOD on german camo infantry (head was visible)
- Fixed: Errors in churchill geo LOD
- Fixed: Tracks not moving on winter Tiger VI (porsche)
- Fixed: Various improvements to weapon resting scripts made
- Fixed: Weapon resting in vehicles
- Fixed: weapon rest icon sticking on after death
- Fixed: modified merderet winter intro in hopes of preventing "man inside of man" bug
- Fixed: Tank cannon smoke overhauled
- Fixed: M4 Shermans suspension fixed
- Fixed: M4 Sherman slightly corrected geometry lod
- Fixed: New sight for Sherman periscopes (all positions except for gunner).
- Fixed: Cleaned up cromwell/churchill gun sight
- Fixed: wheat clutter object
- Fixed: merderet_V1 uv error fixed, wheat fixed, texture mask improved. (v1 and v2)
- Fixed: merderet_winter texture mask improved, floating building & uv error fixed,
- Fixed: I44_man_g_winter fixed proxy positions (iron sights now work correctly)
- Fixed: corrected engineer base classes (wrong model)
- Fixed: added 250rnd mags for mg42, 30cal, vickers to crates, all faction backpacks rebalanced
- Fixed: lee-enfield bayonet not attachable
- Fixed: PzKpfwIV_G - corrected Fire Geometry
- Fixed: radio backpacks (now carry primary ammo + grenades)
- Fixed: all backpack contents overhauled
- Fixed: fixed FTHUD for both merderet_v1 and _v2
- Fixed: several issues with Armor module corrected

The following new and updated missions make use of the TPWC AI Suppression and LOS scripts by TPW && -Coulum- && fabrizio_T && Ollem (

New Single Player Missions:
-Path to Neaville parts 1, 2, and 3 by McNools
-Meatgrinder by Macolik

New Multi-player Missions:
-Path to Neaville part 1 by McNools
-Hill 93 by McNools
-Trial By Fire by Pac
-Operation Murkz By Murkz

-Hedgerow by Pac

-Bridging the Gap by Pac
-Panther Pack by Macolik

UPDATED Multi-player Missions:
-Brecourt By Pac

-The Ambush by Macolik

-Crossing Pont by Pac (converted from Merderet)

Known Issues:
- Panzer IV G (S) explodes from small arms fire when Armor Penetration module is NOT placed
- Tank HUD only displays correctly in 'Very Small' interface size
- Some Armor units not yet 100% compatible/setup for HUD (e.g. Armored Cars)

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