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Current Version:
- 1.1, 11 May 2011

- Standard ArmA2:OA install

- Co-operative; or
- Single Player

- Seven

Aprox Length:
- One Hour, Fifteen Minutes

From the author of Mission Island Twilight comes a compelling, fast paced mission packed with action and surprises at every corner. You and your team-mates of Bravo troop must rescue Michael Sadler, who travelled to Iraq as part of an investigation into alleged human rights volations by the new Iraqi National Army. He was kidnapped by an Al-Quaeda cell near the border, and rushed out of the country.

- Compelling, fast paced, mission
- Voice guide provides information through mission
- Dynamic objective locations, each playthrough is different
- Smart AI helicopter interactions
- Norrin revive script

- Dean "Rocket" Hall, mission making, voice acting
- Whole USEC team for many nights testing, but particulary:
- Norrin for the awesome Revive script

Where to play:
- The USEC Dedicated server
- Any good server

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