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An Arma 2 user-made campaign
By Zipper5

Package contents

1) If it doesn't already exist, create a new folder in your ...\Bohemia Interactive\ArmA 2\ directory entitled Campaigns.
2) Extract the zp5_opcobalt_co.pbo file from this archive into your Campaigns folder.
3) Launch the campaign ingame under Single Player > Campaigns.

Set during the events of Harvest Red, the player takes on the role of Peter Novak, a Private in the CDF. Akula Lopotev
has seized command of the Chernarussian Communist Party in a violent coup and renamed it to the Movement of the Chernarus
Red Star. He has declared war on the current Democratic government of Chernarus, and began a campaign of 'ethnic-cleansing' to
rule out his competition. At first the CDF could contain it, but the ChDKZ slowly grew until they were overwhelmed. The
President sent out a call for help, to which the United States sent the 27th MEU to Chernarus aboard the USS Khe Sanh.

- Celery, Cole, Rellikki, Binkowski, Gaia, OFPEC & the BI Forums for their help & support.
- savedbygrace for writing the exceptionally detailed and very helpful review of the campaign over at OFPEC.
- All of the many beta testers for their excellent feedback.
- Kronzky for his Urban Patrol Script.
- Bohemia Interactive Studios for the ever-amazing Arma 2.

Known issues
- None.

- Initial release
- First two missions included (in .pbo format): Cobalt & Devil's Castle

- Now in campaign format
- Devil's Castle: removed floating hanging victims
- Fixed typos
- Added one new mission: Turning Point

- Completely redesigned
- Now includes first 5 missions and all cutscenes to that point

- First finalized release
- Added the last 4 missions and the rest of the cutscenes
- Retaliation: Changed the music playing at the start of the mission
- Retaliation: Improved the attack on the castle
- Operation Cobalt: Fixed the issue with the contact not talking to you if you visit him a second time
- Operation Cobalt: Fixed the soldier in the outro continuously shooting you
- Various other small bits of fine-tuning to the first 5 missions and their cutscenes
- Fixed the many typos

- The Sobor Line: Improved the "last loon" issue
- Operation Cobalt: Fixed when documents are found, other tasks are canceled rather than succeeded
- It's Down to This: Fixed there being too little space in the BMP
- It's Down to This: Fixed script error when Lopotev is killed
- It's Down to This: Improved time limit scripting and conditions
- It's Down to This: Fixed the Mi-24 hovering in mid air
- It's Down to This: Fixed issue with Russians disembarking the Mi-24 at the end of the mission

Combined Operations:
- Now requires, and is compatible with, Arma 2: Combined Operations
- Added a new mission: Revelations
- Added the new field dressing script
- Added loading screen images
- Added more life to each mission and cutscene (civilians, cars, animals, animations, etc.)
- Fixed typos
- Removed cinematic borders from cutscenes
- Operation Cobalt: Fixed intro shot of Reynolds running
- Traitors: Lowered volume of radio song
- It's Down to This: Improved, again, the time limit scripting and conditions
- Credits: Fixed Novak's car being out of the frame
- Credits: Fixed Novak not sitting on his car
- Epilogue: James Stephen now has the proper identity setting
- Epilogue: CDF units replaced with UN units
- Many other minor fixes

CO Hotfix 1:
- Fresh off the Mi-8: Added the missing Functions module (thanks to AZCoder for spotting it!)

Give feedback on the campaign in the official BI Forums thread, located here:

Or at the official OFPEC Forums thread, located here:


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