Assassin's Creed 2 News (PC)

Ubi: There "will definitely be co-op" in Assassin's Creed games

Posted: 01.11.2010 by Technet2k

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This month sees the release of Ubisoft Montreal's Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood and it includes multiplayer for the first time in the franchise.

Game director Patrick Plourde says co-op will "eventually" grace the Creed as well, but they "focused first and foremost" on getting multiplayer 'validated'.

40% finished Assassin's Creed II

Posted: 20.10.2010 by Technet2k

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Ubisoft's Uplay stat tracking reveals that about 40% of those who registered for an account completed Assassin's Creed II says Ubi's Gaelec Simard.

It may appear a low figure but it trumps GTAIV's roughly 30%. The number of games that are actually finished is "more like five to ten percent" overall.

Ubi earned EUR 161m Q1 FY2010

Posted: 23.07.2010 by Technet2k

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Woot! Don't you just love hearing 'fiscal this' and 'revenue year-on-year that'? I knew you did. Ubisoft thanks SC: Conviction's "solid performance".

The latest Sam Fisher outing sold 2m copies from launch to June's end. The "sustained sales" of Assassin's Creed II really helped as well.

Assassin's Creed skipping 2011?

Posted: 13.07.2010 by Technet2k

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It's believed that Assassin's Creed will miss out on a release entirely next year, but Ubisoft's Yves Guillemot says it's not right to "comment right now."

Producer Jean-Francois Boivin of AC: Brotherhood said recently the series would be passing on 2011. 'Not their decision' says CEO Guillemot.

Ubi: No reason why Assassin's Creed shouldn't rival GTA success

Posted: 12.07.2010 by Technet2k

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UK marketing head Murray Pannell for Ubisoft see's no obstacle to Assassin's Creed becoming as large as Grand Theft Auto eventually.

The 2nd game has granted them "an opportunity" to seize their place as a "true triple-A" among IPs. They don't rival GTA or Halo "at this point".