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A complete re-imagining that takes the best ideas from the first game and takes them to the next level. This time around, you play as a mage who has infiltrated the inner circle of the evil overlord Demonaica in order to gain the power of immortality that he uses to terrorize the land. Now that you too have this power, it's time to lead an uprising, and ultimately try to bring Demonaica and his henchmen back to mortality so that you can be rid of them forever.

Explore to steal power from the overlord and from other evil third parties scattered around the world. Dispatch resistance members to handle various tasks including laying siege, scavenging, recruiting, and constructing. Avoid Demonaica, who directly terrorizes your troops, until you are ready to take him down in single combat. Your immortality came at great personal cost, but it makes you the one last hope of saving the world from the ultimate evil.

The Game Is Currently In Beta!

Beta means that we're not finished with it yet, but it's extremely playable and fun already. We expect to hit 1.0 in January or February, and in the meantime you can check out our progress on our Google Docs Roadmap or via the in-game roadmap status that is on the right-hand side of the main menu.
Don't Just Take Our Word For It!

During the demo, if you're inclined you can even check out the latest post-release beta updates if you'd like to look ahead to the nightly builds rather than the latest official build!

Important! When you buy the game, you actually get both games for the price of one. All pre-existing customers of AVWW1 get Valley 2 for free, and all future customers of Valley 2 get AVWW1 as a bonus.

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