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"""""""""""""" JOESMAPPAK3 - A BATTLEFIELD 1942 MAP PACK """""""""""

__________________________Use at your own risk________________________


1) Unpack the .zip
2) Copy the .rfa files into your Levels directory. Default path is
C:\Program\EA GAMES\Battlefield 1942\Mods\bf1942\Archives\bf1942\levels

if you do not have Bf1942 installed at this folder, please find
the correct path and paste the .rfa files in there.


About the Map Pack:

All maps support SP/COOP/TDM

Designed for 30 Players, these are 'Fictitious Battlegrounds'

Additional models by Smig
Adittioal Textures by WarLord, Takiwa, Gurki, Mihail, Jingo, Aquila,
Unwanted & Big Jim, and Merciless BOB.
Aditional Sky by Sgt. Country Boy.

Thank you for downloading my Map Pack!

Thanks to the Makers, the Community, and my brother Sean

Have fun,

Joe Hanson

Also try Joesmappak1 and Joesmappak2(Joesmappack)

My home page is:


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