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Hi and this is my 3rd BF1942 map: Frontline UK Vs. Germany
I made it for a comrade but you downloaded to.

It's About Germanys plan for a counterattack but the British will not pull back they will hold their heavy fortifications on top of a huge mountain. But Germany has to capture the fortifications before the UK army will attack with all of its machinery!

Important!: there are AAguns on top of bunkers to get in to them you have to press E when you are in the bunker!(this also counts for the defgun fortification!)

I hope the Co-oP version comes soon, for now it is only conquest! this is version 1.1!

Instalation put the .RFA file into your ...EA games/battlefield 1942/mods/bf1942/archives/levels folder.


V1.1: bug removed: The bridges in the minimap

V1.0: the buggs rulles the map

Questions? email me at

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