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Battle of Anisiti - Battlefield 1942 Map

Thanks for downloading. As of right now this is a beta version in an attempt to get some players on the map and see what could be improved.

Some details of the map:

There are 6 capturable bases held by the Japanese: Beach, Village, Ship Yard, Factory, Airfield & Work Camp. The island is somewhat oval shaped, with a large mountain in the middle, and a river dividing the island. There are three bridges over the river. This, along with the relatively smaller size of the island should make for some great games.

The allies invade with the Prince of Wales Battleship & Enterprise Aircraft Carrier (SBD and Rocket Corsair).

Axis starts with three aircraft: Zero, Aichi, and Aichi-T, as well as 2 PT Boats.

***Additions special to this map ***

Ambient jungle sounds at village flag
1st Marine skin (by Jingo)
Imperial Japanese Army skin (by Takasaki)
Corsair/SBD Skins (corsair skin by '-w|sh-', SBD-6 skin from bfpro)
Zero/Aichi Skins (by JS0 - 'Divine Wind Zero & 88-HA Skins')
P51 Mustang Skin (by Brew - 'The Flying Tigers')
Pak40 cannons
Rocket corsair -- coded/skinned by me, rocket mesh resized by B][A Cpt. Vengeance

Just install to your Battlefield1942\Mods\bf1942\Archives\bf1942\levels directory.
Note: Single Player is currently not supported. I would suggest Conquest on your own server :-)

To play online: Put this on your server, and in BFRM make SURE that 'Content Check' is 'OFF' or users will get an error when connecting. If you would like to play this map on a server, please visit for a server IP. It should be occasionally running on our 1942 server. We have games on this map approximately once a week. Check the website for times.

Please feel free to share this with your friends! Look for the final version later as well.

*Note: If you plan on using this map in a pack, or the rockets from the corsair, please just give me credit in your readme. Thanks :-)

Any questions/comments please contact me:

Wake | Iced Earth
Xfire: icedearth01
Email: wakeclan AT gmail DOT com
or: hulkblood01 AT gmail DOT com

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