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Hilltop Outpost
a Battlefield 1942: Secret Weapons map by

Gametypes: Conquest, Coop/SP

Conquest Map Type: Head-On

Map Size: Small

Build time: A day or two

Tools/Programs Used: Battlecraft 42, Editor42, winRFA, PackRFA, Adobe Photoshop, Notepad, BFSPC

Requirements: Secret Weapons of World War II

- Stationary MG42
- Jetpack


You can never have enough fun with Jetpacks. Well, I can't anyway. So I figured I should make a Secret Weapons map for lots of fun.

So here you get to do a spinning paratrooper thing onto some random snow-covered island out in the middle of an ocean. I couldn't think of a cool backstory for this one, but I guess that doesn't really matter. You'll need to capture and hold both of the points on this map to get some ticket bleed happening. The main camp has 2 jetpacks lying around for your enjoyment, while the guard tower has 1.

Seeing as I'm rather lethargic and don't feel like writing anything more (and can't think of anything), I'll just say "enjoy!" and look out for more of my maps in the future.


Move 'Hilltop_Outpost.rfa' to your XPack2 levels directory, in my case:

C: -> Program Files -> EA Games -> Battlefield 1942 -> Mods -> XPack2 -> Archives -> bf1942 -> levels

For uninstalling, just delete the RFA file. Oh wow, that was hard.


You can give it out to your friends, edit it, or make new maps based on it but just don't take credit for stuff you didn't do. I wouldn't appreciate that.

If this busts your computer in any way, I'm not responsible. Sorry, but it was your decision to put it on your comp.


EA/Dice as usual.

ctz for the snow effect. I swear that nothing cooler has ever been made. Oh, and that's a pun. See what I did there?


Any problems, suggestions, or comments email me at:

russian_comrade AT hotmail DOT com

If you've got problems running your game in general, please keep in mind I'm a mapper, not a troubleshooting desk. Some things I just can't explain or fix. I'm only human.

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