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A Battlefield 1942 map
by Toucinator and RussianComrade

Gametypes: Conquest, Coop, Singleplayer

Conquest map type: Head-On

Map size: Small

Requirements: A working copy of BF42 I guess. Patched to 1.61 would be nice too.

Teams: United Kingdom vs Germany


- Willy
- Kubelwagen
- M10
- Tiger
- Sherman
- Panzer IV
- FlaK 38
- Stationary Browning
- Stationary MG42


First things first, this isn't a remake of the Call of Duty 4 map. Sorry.

This map is a soulmate, if you like, of Toucinator's previous Toujane map. It follows the same theme of city fighting in North Africa with open streets and a maze of buildings. Crossfire, however, is a lot more packed-in yet it suits a larger number of players because of the way in which the flags are spread out. Both teams will need to secure their side of the river and then try and push across either the two bridges or try their luck with swimming the river and climbing the stairways on either side.

Each team has a jeep, two light tanks and a heavy tank at their base. You'll also be able to find a handful of pickup kits, including a type of kit that combines the Medic's submachine gun and healing ability with the Expacks and wrench of the Engineer class - quite useful for if you want to keep your tank alive as long as possible then slug it out on foot if it's destroyed.

Custom weapon skins and a new skybox are also included. Most skins by me with the exception of the MP40, which was made by Dr Tempura.


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