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Author: Joe Hanson

Readme File:
__________________________Use at your own risk________________________


1) Unpack the .zip
2) Copy the .rfa file into your Levels directory. Default path is
C:Program Files/EA GAMES/Battlefield 1942/Mods/bf1942/Archives/bf1942levels

If you do not have Bf1942 installed at this folder, please find
the correct path and paste the .rfa file in there.


About the Map:

This Map supports SP/COOP/TDM

Designed for 30 Players

This map is based on a Fictitious engagement during the Battle of the Bulge.
American Airbourne units move to capture the town of Amel, before the Germans can
secure it.


Additional Skins by: Gumby, Jeff, CoyotePete, St0rm, Killah and Jingo.

Thanks for downloading my map.
Have fun and thanks to all who helped make this game fun.

Joe Hanson


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