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Author: Lt_Johnny_Walker

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======== Maginot Line for BG42 ===========

This is my first map (again) but now comes with bot support.

-<= Brief History =>-

The Maginot Line was a huge defensive system composed of trenches, bunkers, artillery, antitank guns and machine-gun posts. A direct assault against these fortified positions would end up with the French victorious rather than the Germans. German generals decided to by-pass this fortified line by invading the almost unprotected Belgium. After the surrender of the Fort Eben-Emael, the Germans almost easily invaded and conquered France.

-<=Tools Used to Create the Map =>-

1. Battlecraft42 v2.1
2. Battlefield Single-Player Creator
3. Notepad
4. Basic computer skills
5. A lot of time :) (Damn those railroads took the most of it)

-<= Installation Instructions =>-

Well, most of you know how to install a map. For those who don't, copy the Maginot_Line.rfa file and paste it to......

/Mods/Battlegroup42/Archives/bf1942/levels <-HERE

is usually C:/Program Files/EA Games/Battlefield 1942/

This map works with Battlegroup42 version 1.61.


German players: You have air superiority and high mobility. USE BOTH. The French defenses are too tough to just stay in one place and hit them (they will hit you back with bigger force). The magic word is blitzkrieg: stay ON THE MOVE. That's how Germans can win on this map.

French players: You have a massive defense system but you lack speed. Try to stay in your defense place and barrage by-passers with heavy artillery and machine-gun fire (the hotchkiss mg works well against the Panzer 2). Don't try to chase after the Germans, or you will be bombed by their planes. It is also a good idea to use indirect fire, spot with binoculars as much as possible (don't confuse gunners though :).

-<= Credits =>-

Credits go to......

1. Me, for making the map (and bot support)
2. The Battlegroup42 team for their awesome mod
3. Afri Cola and SargeSurfat, from the Battlegroup42 core team for their immense help and instructions.
4. The bf1918 team, for co-operating with the bg42 team and for their awesome objects used on my map.
5. Wikipedia, for the loadscreen.

Thank you guys ;)

Feel free to work on my map in any way, but give me credit for that!

If you liked my map, or found any bugs at all, please email me. My e-mail is

See ya on the battlefield!!!

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