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Operation Desert Eagle v 1.0
TDM, Conquest, CTF
US Marine vs German Desert
7 capturable CPs

This is my second published map, the first being Operation Desert Falcon A

This map is centered around an island in the Mediteranean Sea that the Germans have place a large number of coastal batteries on. These batteries harass passing Allied convoys and large minefields around the island
funnel the convoys to coming within range of the large coastal batteries on the island. The allies have finally decided to do something about this. While a diversionary convoy with heavier than usual destroyer and cruiser
escort shells the coastal batteries and draws the Germans attention to that side of the island, a seperate task force of 2 aircraft carriers with destroyer and minesweeper escort will land troops on about the only
available beach on the opposite side of the island. The Americans will take the northern part of the beach and the British and Canadians will take the southern portion. Unfortunately, a storm and unusally dense mines
have slowed the carrier task force to the point that it has arrived after the diversionary convoy has passed. The Germans have extremely heavy radar coverge over the island and probably have already detected the
carrier group. Their Stukas have already destroyed the two escorting minesweepers and there is suspected U-boat activity in the area, despite the severe shallowness of the surrounding seas. The approach to the landing
beach has been scattered with numerous sea obstacles and obstacles on the beach itself. Overlooking the beach are several coastal batteries that can shell just about every inch of the beach and there are several
bunkers above and on the beach that the Germans have placed MG-42s in. If the Allies move quickly, they can take the oasis and a nearby abandoned airbase, this will greatly increase their odds of defeating the Germans and
taking control of the coastal batteries.
The landing beach CP is only capturable by the allies and once it has been captured, M10 Wolverine heavy tanks, M4A3 Sherman medium tanks and some M3 halftracks, and a lynx will be available along with several Priests
and Sextons. A couple of Canadian assault soldier kits will also be available on the beach.

Place the operation_desert_eagle.rfa in the bf1942/archives/levels folder, simply delete to uninstall

I hope to eventually make this coop supported and possibly modify it to work with the Battlegroup 42 and Forgotten Hope mods.

this is my own work and you may not change it unless you have explicit permission from me

i welcome any suggestions or questions

Major Lowrey


Thanks to:
whoever made it possible to add the soldier kits to the maps (Sorry, but I cannot remember the name or find the readme for it at the present time to give the appropriate credit)
EA Games and Dice obviously for creating the game in the first place

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