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Our Goal is to transform the combat experience of BF1942. We on the development team intend on giving the players of our modification a whole new Experience. One that gives you the player, a much more realistic game play by using actual history as our guideline. So, not only is realism our goal but also, from a historical standpoint, our additional goal is to immerse the player into World War II by giving him the tools of war that were actually there in the correct time span. You’ll find (from a historical point of view) for example, the correct weapon models of the time period and the way they appeared in that theater or war.

Readme File:
v2.6 BETA Change Log


^01. Added JagdPanther.(BA)
^02. Added Chinese Army.(Zz)
^03. Added KI61.(Zz)(TLB)
^04. Added New M1 Carbine.(BA)
^05. Added RGD-33.(BA)
^06. Renamed Millsgrenade1 to Millsgrenade.(Zz)
^07. Added ThompsonM1928.(DD)(Sean)(BA)
^08. Added Type99Arisaka and Type99ArisakaBayonet.(Zz)
^09. Added Smokegrenade and AxisSmokeGrenade.(Buko)
^10. Added Cromwell.(BA)
^11. Added Vickers.(TLB)(Zz)
^12. Added LSboot.(MS)
^13. Added Ha-Go.(TLB)(MS)
^14. Added Beaufort.(TLB)(MS)
^15. Added Greasegun.(Sean)(Zz)
^16. Added TommyM1928_LOD.(BA)
^17. Added ground kits Greasegun/28Tommy.(BA)
^18. Added Matilda_II.(TLB)(BA)
^19. Added new corrected weapon meshes for Tommygun, no4, k98.(Liberation mod)(J05)
^20. Added new German Hip pack.(Liberation mod)(J05)
^21. Adjusted ROF of all semi autos.(BA)
^22. Removed Pistol and hoslter from German_hippack.(BA)
^23. Added/created German_hippack_officer w/pistol & holster.(BA)
^24. Added new Us_hippack.(Liberation mod)(J05)
^25. Removed Pistol and hoslter from Us_hippack_m1.(BA)
^26. Added/created Us_hippack_officer w/pistol & holster.(BA)
^27. Added USS Texas.(MS)
^28. Added Lumberjack spawn kit.(Zz)(TLB)
^29. Added stationary_type99.(MS)
^30. Added Fallshirmjagerlate.(Zz)
^31. Added PIAT.(Zz)

Bugs Fixed:

^01. Grant 37mm cannon crosshair removed.(BA)
^02. Renamed PPSh43 to PPS43.(BA)
^03. Fixed Panther colo1 issue that was causing it to get stuck on bridges.(BA)
^04. Adjusted All sniper rifle mindev down.(BA)
^05. Fixed Stuka net code Bomb issue.(Zz)
^06. Fixed KT Left Tread Animation.(BA)


1. Camera Continues to Shake in Aircraft after Ammo is spent
2. Tiger Tank Slides Up Hill
3. Iron Sights show up in Artillery Call

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