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Author: RussianComrade

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-------------------- ABOUT --------------------

A simple skin for the StG44 in Battlefield 1942. It features a black/grey/white splinter pattern reminiscent of 'digital' camouflage.

------------ INSTALLING YOUR SKINS ------------

Installation (for the game in general):

You'll need to use an RFA extractor like winRFA to extract your Texture_001.rfa file. Don't use the Texture.rfa file, because the StG44 won't be changed once you repack. Place the .dds file in the extracted folder, then repack the Texture_001.rfa file. Run the game and the skin should be showing up.

Installation (for a map-by-map basis):

Extract your map file and create a folder called 'Texture', place the skin in the folder, and repack the map. If the skin isn't showing up, open the init.con file for your map and somewhere near the top add the line:

textureManager.alternativePath bf1942/levels/LevelName/Texture

If you don't have an RFA extractor, you can use Battlecraft 42 to add the skin to your map file. While your map is open, go 'Tools -> Add File To Archive'. Press 'Add' and select the skin. Then in the 'Destination' box, type 'bf1942levelsLevelNameTexture' and hit OK. Save the map, and the next time you run the map the skin should appear.

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