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Author: RussianComrade

A bit about the origins and purpose of the mod, for the people so inclined to read this stuff.

Fragfield was a fairly old idea I'd had. Ever since playing LAN matches with a friend we'd come to realize that while Battlefield 1942 offered potential for very large-scale, expansive fights, sometimes that drew the action out too much. This mod aims to provide fun, concentrated, intense matches for small numbers of players.

A large amount of inspiration comes from the popular Call of Duty series. The kits from Battlefield have been revised into standard weapon sets. Each class has a knife, either a pistol or grenades, and the weapon of their choice. Not all the weapons from Battlefield 1942 are yet included in the mod. Extensive playtesting showed that, in the scenarios the maps were providing, choosing a weapon like the M1 Garand simply wasn't as effective as it would be normally - close quarters fighting combined with hectic gameplay tends to favour automatic weapons. Therefore, your primary tool of destruction will be a light machine gun or submachine gun (or assault rifle, in the case of the StG44), whichever you choose. However, it's likely that semiautomatic rifles like the Garand and Gewehr 43 will make an appearance sometime in the future, and you'll get to play around with bazookas and shotguns too.

The mod features new maps, reworked sound effects, adjusted weapon damage, and health regeneration, among many other tweaks to gameplay. Full Coop support is included on all the new maps in case you don't have enough human players to fill in or you want to practice on your own.

This is the installer for the mod, in the form of an .exe. It is the easiest and most convenient way to install the mod. A non-installer version will also be available.

Direct the installer to the location of your Battlefield 1942 folder, i.e, C: -> Program Files -> EA Games -> Battlefield 1942. The program will take it from there.

To activate the mod, start Battlefield 1942. In the main menu, choose 'Custom Game', select FragField, and click 'Activate'. The game will restart, and if the mod has been successfully activated the background movie will be different and extra maps (marked with a red 'RC') will appear in the maplisting.

Happy hunting!

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