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Author: SAS_19

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ChangeLog 1.01
-new vehcles:sherman Duplex Drive (Sherman DD), Wirbelwind on all maps, 2nd SS Tiger Tank with 54 round Shells, Katyusha from WW2.
-new stationary weapons:mg42 from ww2, flak 38, stationary rocket launcher nebelwerfer.
-new ships:aircraft carrier with full marine and airforce support (the task force), seaplane kingfisher(air recon aircraft), USS Texas.
-new weapons:the original real-time gunsight for all rifles, desert colt, desert mine camo, desert wrench camo, FG 42 german paratroopers rifle.
-new maps:huertgen forest, juno beach, the battle for rhine, project america(in new york-the hun for german intelligence officers-V-3 rocket), SS Hideout Austria/German UFO Aircraft, Mimoyecques, Peenemunde, Telemark, Doolittle Raid/Express.

License Agreement 1.01
This mod can be used for potential residential use (at home use). All who have their own objections to improve or commercial, can not without permission of the author of this mod.
For all questions or requests please contact the author at his e-mail:
For any failures or mistakes authors of this mod is not responsible for any damage, you use it on your hand.

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