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Forgotten Hope Secret Weapon is a Japanese Modmod for Forgotten Hope, Battlefield 1942 Modification.
It started as a small Minimod for Forgotten Hope. The original intention was to bring some crazy but really planned weapons to FH like the Ratte Tank.

However after 3 years of development, Forgotten Hope Secret Weapons became the biggest mod for Battlefield 1942 with dozens of improvements for the 'old' FH0.7
FHSW gives you more than 500 new equipments, new physics (bouncing bullets and towable artillery), more maps and even more mapimprovements/-changes on FHmaps and the new nation Hungary.

Credits to: FHSWman, Jagd Chi-Ha and the other FHSW-devs.

Special Thanks to Battlegroup, Forgotten Honor and Hungarian Front for their cooperation.

FHSW Europe and PrinceUmeboshi.jpn are both using the same version of FHSW,
so it's just a matter of the location you are to select one.

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