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Major Changes:

- Recoil-driven spread for all handguns! True aim, true skill.

- All four new boats fully implemented and added to several maps.

- Engineer now has the ability to drop ammo-boxes. It refills bullets only.

- Bell412, HKP11 and Westland Lynx now has fosfor-launchers to be deployed when flying into a hot LZ.

- A LOT of textures gone over with a comb to improve performance.

- Four new maps, SH Arena, SH Byen, SH MonoZone and Vaderon.

Small Changes:

- 'True Angles' is back on the armour, i.e. higher and lower max-angles for the guns as used on the real ones. This ofcourse brings back the ability to shoot oneself in the rear. Use with caution.

- BF Server Manager should be able to see all coop-maps properly now.

- Hiteffects for all handguns tweaked. A lot more usage of hit-decals.

- Winter-textures improved to acctually give a blending action over distance.

- Sounds and soundscripts have been worked on.
- Several small tweaks and fixes.

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