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Bridge Bombardment is an aircraft only conquest map. Using a variety of planes your team must capture flags to win the round.

The two teams spawn on aircraft carriers that have all types of planes and choppers on board.

The map is largely ocean with the exception of a strip of islands connected by 6 bridges.

Beneath each bridge is a flag capture point.

To capture the flags you must firstly bomb the bridge which not only destroys it but also destroys a concrete slab under the bridge that is blocking the flag.

Once the flag is exposed you simply fly under the bridge to cap it.

Be quick though as the bridges and concrete slabs respawn after only a few minutes.

The rounds are action packed with each team using dogfighting, bombing and ground to air defense skills to win.

The aircraft on the carrier respawn after a few seconds so they are always available.

For any feedback contact Tycoon at JRKY@JRKYBOYS.TK

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