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A new financial year and a new release for Australian Forces! Sadly it's not 1.1, but we are proud to release a BF2AUS compatible version of the map Highway Tampa for use with the mod.

The map is compatible only with Australian Forces 1.0, and will not touch your vanilla BF2 version of Highway Tampa files. The installer will detect your BF2 directory and install the map to your modsbf2auslevels folder.

This map pack will add an official Highway Tampa map that is compatible with Battlefield 2: Australian Forces 1.0, allowing the Australian weapons and vehicles to be used. If installed correctly, this level will not overwrite your existing version of Highway Tampa for Battlefield 2, as it will be added exclusively into the levels folder for Australian Forces (mods/bf2aus/levels/).

Note: This map pack is not a replacement for installing the regular Battlefield 2 Highway Tampa map pack if you wish to play it on vanilla Battlefield 2 servers.

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