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First, I love Desert Combat as well as the maps that they made. But I have always wanted a fair and balanced playing area for people to slug it out to see who truely was the best. None of this "he has more tanks" or "he has better terrain advantage" ... The maps I make are designed for balanced gameplay to provide a fair environment for everyone to play in. The style of gameplay would be more focused on Tournament / Clan Match gameplay.

Legal Agreement:

By downloading this file you acknowledge that you will not change anything in the map (i.e. terrain, vehicles, code etc) without written permission (via e-mail).

My contact information:

If you wish to modify this map, you may contact me at ....

Thanks for downloading my map...


Revelation 3:16

Special thanks goes out to...

Warfront Mod - For permission to use your Factory.

Alfer - For your Armor Skins

Pandoras - For your coding of the H-6

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