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BF2 Custom Map - Operation: Black Hawk Down with Singleplayer Support

Version: Final
Release Date: 10/03/06
Filename: Operation_Black_Hawk_Down
Author: pro.bf2|Du$t
SinglePlayer Bot Support by K-Man(GER)
Photos by "Photo Courtesy of U.S. Army"
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Bugreport & Contact:
ICQ: 173084514

This Map is complete and runs fine.

Installation: Please start the obhd_sp.exe file to install the Map on your Computer.

Game Information: Only BF2-Compatible. No Support for Battlefield2: Special Forces or other mods!

16, 32 and 64 Player-Layer are all selectable.

Game Type: Conquest, SinglePlayer
Player: 16, 32, 64

CommanderSupport: UAV, Artillery and Satellite are all available.

>>>>>>Please check your bf2-graphic-settings!!! It's important that you select at least a medium value for the terrainsetting
- if you do not so, you will get a CTD when you'll verify the game!<<<<<<

>>>>>>Bitte stellt das Terrain unter euren BF2-Grafikeinstellungen mindestens auf medium, sonst gibts nen Crash to desktop,
wenn ihr euer Game verifizieren wollt!<<<<<

Thanks for downloading this fIle. Hope you will enjoy it.

pro.bf2|Du$t - progressive e-sports

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