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There are various things to do in the map:

* DPV/Humvee/Truck races, complete with start line notches for up to 20 cars, start line overhang for organizers, pit lane, and a winners' podium.
* Destruction Derby in the derby arena.
* Skydiving from the 3000m platform...go with a DPV or a barrel.
* Skydiving from in a chimney or a car, fast.
* Boat racing thanks to the boat garage in the carrier.
* C4 jumping on one of the many hills.
* And more, use your imagination!

New in 1.3

* Many of the barrels have been removed and/or replaced with guardrails to reduce lag.
* Undergrowth (3d grass) added.
* New sky colour with a broader view distance.
* Added second car spawner to skydiving point.
* Added truck spawn at rear of garages.
* Made onramps to podium and derby arena less steep.
* Widened turn 2 to hopefully reduce the amount of crashes.
* Moved 1500m spawn point and labeled heights.
* Moved and lengthened pedestrian onramps on bridge to carrier island.
* Rendered object lightmaps at Medium instead of High to reduce file size.
* Added more Blackhawks in both spawners.
* Moved boat spawners slightly.
* Removed TOW HMMWV from SF edition.
* Rearranged car spawns in SF edition.

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