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Author: Mixed

Map list :
Mekong_Delta ( Nothing new.)
(This map is renamed the original map of Operation_fox 2007 & mixed imtheheadhunter's Op_Fox-rain.)
Strike_at_Karkand (BF2 original map.)

Mappack list :
course_of_the_river (Weather and sky has changed.)
Moon_of_Oman (Modified only Weather of the original map Gulf_of_Oman.)
Stalingrad ( Nothing new.)
Shipment (This is the KnifeWar map.)
Urban_Jungle ( Modified Weather only.)

Credits :
- Map -
Mekong_Delta map - Developer: Zinnstein,Date Added: 06-12-2006
OperationRain map - Developer: imtheheadhunter,SatNav,pacman28 Date Added:24th Sep 2007)
Strike_at_Karkand - BF2/Dice/EAgames

- Mappack -
course_of_the_river map - Developer: SPFreak & ShaneJohn,Date Added:16-8-2006
Moon_of_Oman - BF2/Dice/EAgames
Stalingrad map - Developer: by Rodolfo,Pacman
Shipment map - Map made by Drifterboy,SP done by imtheheadhunter
Urban_Jungle map(v1.1) - Developer: imtheheadhunter,Date Added: 09-23-2007

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