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Version: 02 Final (I Hope)

This is my first bf2 map, actually first map eva
Hope you get some enjoyment out of it

Installation Instructions: extract "Valley_Of_Violence" folder
to "Battlefield 2/mods/bf2/levels" dir

Map Brief: AJO Inteligence have discovered a stable and well defended group or mercs living in the Northern tip of the Kimberly, Western Australia and are taking measures to remove the threat. Information provided tells us the mercs will be using this base to plan terorist missions against our country. Use any means neccessary to defeat these invaders of our land. Good luck soldiers!

The map is designed around a lush mountain surrounded valley
MEC forces have a stable and well defended base and the US must
attempt to puch the MEC forces out of the valley. 16, 32, and 64 player maps
are all provided and all commander assets are provided.

Its designed for Infantry play not vehicles even though they are included. Any 1 that can successfully use the plane in this map deserves a large medal!

Send any bug reports or ideas to SirPlunkalot AT

Troubleshooting: if the game runs slow then set your graphics to low
worked for me

Ver02 Final Changes include:

Us no longer spawn in building in 64 ver map
Under growth more detailed no longer grows on cement
Overgrowth not longer grows and unrealistic angles
You no longer get stuck in the anti air on the bridge
Correct flags rise for the MEC
New Map with better graphics (you can see the bridge)
Air Hanger now has objects to hide behind
Bunker on main base lowered so it doesnt float
Cement Factory has been lowered so players cant get inside the building (glitch)
Helicopter on US 16 ver map lowered
Radar on MEC base raised so it sick on the building not through it
Various Vehicle wrecks placed amongst the map
Mec Helipads lowered so you can walk up them
Land connecting to bridge leveled correctly
Some general surface smoothing done to allow easier access to routes
Gap at back of the dam building with sewer system connecting to water has been removed
Radio tower lowered in MEC base so it doesnt float
Loading Screen completed for all versions
US commander assets on 16 ver map now show US Flag
Tank in 16 Ver MeC Base turned around to face the road

Mapper: Plunk[AJO]
Teamspeak: AJO Battlefield 2 Public
Server: AJO Custom Maps
Custom Maps 247 (All files avail from

LEGAL: Feel free to post it and host it as you like but plz dont edit it in any way... Oh and if you do host it plx give me a buzz coz id luv to come play with you.

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