Map: SF Custom AIX2 Maps
Custom BF2 AIX2 maps for Sovereign Forces Gaming Clan, New vehicles and Nukes online! Major includes: UH-1D Huey for AIX, V-22 Osprey By Clivewill and The Nuke......Modifications by j211shadowman.
  File Name: SF_Custom_Maps.exe     Author: j211shadowman
  File Size: 431.57 MB   Files Added: 7
  Downloads: 16,958 (4 last week)   Author Downloads: 35,137 (50 last week)
  Posted: 20.04.2011   Supporters: 3 (+1 Add)
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By konsol132 (I just got here) on Aug 21, 2011
any one can help me ? add my facebook konsol metalist
how i can play it online? ijust have battlefield 2 im trying to download maps but its not working