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[DeS] Destination MapPack #1 ... released Nov.2006

[DeS] SPICEY-MICEY has put together a [DeS] ( custom MapPack which includes the following maps.

The Maps were selected of the collectivity of bf2 maps. Attention lies on how they were programmend and nice-looking, so it will possible that they can be an EA original one ;) So the Collection arise.

- Abadan (Checkpoint Abadan)

- Bocage 2005

- El Alamein XXL

- Gazala V2

- Gulf Of Aqaba

- Jibbel City 2

- Nan Hai

- Operation Greasy Mullet

- Operation Power Failure

- Operation Yellow Dragon

- Strike At Karkand 2

- Village Lost

- Vulcan Island

Copy the Maps in your Battlefield 2 folder ... /Battlefield 2/mods/bf2/levels ! Good Luck and nice playing !

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