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Single player support for Stargate mod

If you notice any problems contact

run the mm.bat file to copy the startup movies & Music

supports .3 of Stargate_BFM

AI Support for the following maps:

Clean sweep - Gould come through the gates attacking Tauri at the base. No Hatak or Premetheus. Only aircraft is Puddle jumper. Fight for the Research Station.

Gate Patrol - AI is the same as multiplayer.

Lunar Oasis - Gould come through the gate. Ai is similar to multiplayer gameplay

Operation Broken Arrow - Map updated for redone map.

Rooftop - AI updated.

Xath - New map. New AI.

Fighting Chance - AI updated. Hatak removed.

StrongHold - New AI.

Wasteland - Bots can travel under the pyramids and onto the Hatak to get into deathgliders.

Changes for 3b:

Ai now for Stronghold, Wasteland, & Fighting Chance.

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