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Allied Intent Extended has sent us the file's for it's release. It's a whopping 1.3 gigs and is mainly directed towards Single player fanatics. So grab a Beer and get downloading it's gonna take a while.

Quote:AIX description:

"Allied Intent Xtended is the most feature rich single player experience there is for Battlefield 2. Building upon the great Allied Intent Mod, AIX aims to deliver an amazing array of content which is 100% bot compatible for use in single player and coop gamemodes. With a sea of multiplayer only or partial sp mini-mods out there, AIX's main focus has always been about creating the best experience for single player that we possibly could due to the original game falling quite short in this department. It's important to note that while AIX can be played in a multiplayer environment, the nature of this mod will make the conquest multiplayer game modes unfairly balanced as things are created with bots in mind! As such, we do not endorse or support AIX as a multiplayer mod.

You can expect 9 custom maps and 7 Dice remakes, New UN army, 28 custom weapons and 7 custom kits items, 17 new aircraft as well as pickup kits, resupply crates and some very groovy AI enhancements not seen in any other mod! We proudly present the 1.0 version of AIX for all Battlefield 2 fans!"

AIX MOD - Chief administrator

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