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The Oberstdorf Mod is a Battlefield 2 game modification which takes place in the lovely mountain area around Oberstdorf / Germany. The level can be played as single player or multiplayer or coop mode with the dedicated Windows LAN server.

The main location of the level is a imaginary factory plant which is the hot spot for short range battles. But the terrain height data which was imported from Google Earth recreates the real surrounding.

There are two Chinese flags - one in Sonthofen city and the other on top of the office building. The two American flags are in Oberstdorf city and inside the logistics building. Therefore it's essential to take control of the nearby flag in the building as fast as possible after level startup.

There are two additional uncaptured flags - one is the ski jump of Oberstdorf and the other one on a alp. But these ones are not that much important strategy goals. But it's great fun to drive down the ski jump with a car...


- Custom buildings like a ski jump, office building and a big warehouse
- Custom destroyable objects
- 6 Eastereggs
- Height map was created with Digital Elevation Data (DEM) from Google Earth
- Full multiplayer, coop and single player support

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