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Rising Conflicts is a modern Bf2 mod in which the community will be battling around the world with many armies.
Rising Conflicts is set 2020-2028 time frame and will be using the weapons and vehciles that are currently in prototype status. The armies of the world will have some of the most advanced weaponry and vehciles.

The IDF and BOAN armies will debut in our first release.
battles will be forught around the world.

We are a dedicated group having been together for 2 years modding DCX ( a bf42 mod.

We are dedicated to quality and to having fun.

Our mod team is made up of mature members from many countries, Canada, the UK, USA, Holland, Australia, Israel.
Alot of our members are retired or still serving in militaries around the world. With lots of experience in using many of the vehicles and weapons in which we play with in bf42 and will play with in bf2.

We strive for quality and a product that the community wants.

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