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The mod is a small 200 megs and we have dozens of custom maps available from our mod's homepage.

The main difference between vanilla and our coop mod is that everthing that bugs you about playing against bots in Vanilla mode has been either removed or revamped to allow more fun and challenges against bots.

1.) New custom weapons have been added
2.) New custom vehicles have been added
3.) New custom maps have been created and enhanced for BOMSF weapons and vehicles.
4.) The AI in the mod and maps has been dramatically improved to allow behaviours that EA did not include in vanilla BF2. (jumping off buildings and others)
5.) All existing SF and plain maps have been intentsively renav meshed, tweaked and modified to improve game play against bots.
6.) We also run a complete stats and awards ranking package that allows you to accumulated points, ranks and medals similar to EA's.

We run the 1.41 patch and have made this platform extremely stable.

Give it a try and let us know what you think.

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