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Changelog opk 0.21:

Fixed maps:

- Airfield Assault
- Battle of the last Outpost
- Bordercontrol
- Code Bravo
- Monasterie Zogosiji
- Red on Eleven
- Wildgans

Both air and ground vehicle's wrecks now stay 20 seconds before blowing -up.

-The M85/G36c, silenced mode as well as normal mode, and the medic's M21 now are always in burst mode after changing the weapon or beetween silenced and normal mode.

-Increased the base diviation of the P12sd and the special ops cz999 about 12,5% to keep balance with the MP5sd.

-Added smokeprojectiles for the upgraded assault's launcher and readjusted zoom and base diversion to 0.18's settings.

-Added burst mode to MP5sd

Ground vehicels:
-Changed material and it's hitpoints to match with changes on Tornado and Orao.

Air vehicels:
-Decreased damage by 50%. It now needs two bomb strikes to detroy a tank and one to get an apc burning.
Death radius of bomblets decreased by half, damage radius stays as it was before.

-Now one rocket sets an apc or an AA burning, and two destroy a tank. (so tankdrivers use your smoke)
Removed extra magazines.

-Added upgrade for the support class to avoid the sound bug while resupply or repair. Equipments listed below(Keep in mind that the equipments will change in further versions).

main gun
genades (changed reloadtime and animation)

-Upgraded support:
main gun
mines (3)

-Upgrade specop: Added Flashgrenades(2) and
-AT: Only 4 mines (formerly 5)

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