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Surreal has gone in-active
Plans by a former dev team member to restart the mod are in the works.

The Surreal planetary system is located on the other side of the sun. More or less exactly 180' opposite us. There is one main inhabited planet it is 3/4 water and just a little bit smaller than Earth. There are other planets in the system but nothing is known at present except that at least one other is inhabited. Their system orbits the Sun the same as ours does, but because the sun is and has always been between them and us, there existence, until recently has been unknown. The majority of Earth's population still knows nothing but the various governments do. But they have deemed it necessary to keep all UFO/Alien info secret. Not so for the Surreal inhabitants. Alien life and Earth have been common knowledge for many years. Their ships have visited to Earth for decades, during these visits they have "borrowed" amongst other things people, leisure technologies such as TV, radio etc and even cars and boats.

In a shorttened version. Surreal is an alternate Planet which uses old technology and spices it up to make it brand new.

We are a small team and are always looking for help. If your interested contact me over to the left.

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