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type: Compilation of mods
game: BF2 - Solo or Multiplayers (Coop)

today, the battle fields are too small for soldiers who are thirsty for carnage and the manpower of the machines of wars is too reduced. their weapons are not able any more to ensure the victory.the cars of stoppings with artillery do not have enough any more of forces to stop the enemy projections on the territory today the soldiers are to demoralize and the deserters multiply as well as the summary executions...

ddzev arrives with its first MOD: ULTIMATE-COOP for Battlefield 2.

Discover battle fields truer than natural (MOD 64) as well as the possibility of asking the support of bots (15,31 or 47)!!!
The power of artillery will be able to start the apocalypse on the ground!!!
The weapons are unlocked !!!
Violence increased (gore mode) !!!
New Skins !!!
Gameplay is improved !!!

Your be justified, then join on the battle fields soldier!!!

mod: ddzev
maps: Clivewil , Korben Dallas and Kysterama
skins: Hoofer and PenguinGeneral
lots of ideas: Slyters
song: Godsmack
and MaX_X for the excellent skin: bloodly knife !!!

congratulation to the developers and the modders!!! not to me :p


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