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Welcome to "Project Reality" , a modification for the game
from EA/Dice/Trauma Battlefield 2 (aka BF2). The focus of this mod will not be exotic weapons, 007 gadgets or "cool looking" vehicles. It will be about realistic gameplay, everything else is secondary. This Mod will also not be for the masses, due to the fact that it will have a higher learning curve then your classic arcade game. This will be the real deal.

The construction of 90% of the modifications out there start with models and skins. "Project Reality" will research, discuss & debate the content of this modification in great depth before any modifications will be performed. You can be part of this discussion by participating in our Suggestion Forum. Battlefield 2 will already provide a great foundation to work on. Our goal will be to pull it closer to reality than to the arcade feeling the default game will deliver.

Here are some changes featured in the Project Reality Modification as of Yet:

-Kill Indicator Removed (e.g. Player A has killed Player B)
-Eliminate Enemy Indicator
-Realistic Ballistics (Bullet Drop, Speed, ROF)
-Longer Spawn Times (So hold on to your life)
-Realistic Damage (Goal is that damage to different hitboxes has different outcomes)
-New, Less Intrusive Head-Up-Display
-Optical Zoom for Apc's and Tanks
-Night maps & Night Vision Goggles
-Sabot and Heat Rounds for Armor
-Slug and Buckshot Shells for Shotguns
- Blood and Bleeding
-AAS (Advance and Secure) Mode
-Extraction Mode
-New and Reworked Classes
-New Sound Effects
-New Weapons of all Types
-Squad-Based Kit Request System (limiting the powerful kits, such as Heavy Anti-Tank, Sniper, Anti-Air and Support
-New Vehicles
-Addition of British Forces
-Addition of Insurgent Forces
-22 New Maps (Not including night time versions of new or existing BF2 maps)
And Much More to Come...

Also be sure to check out our works in progress including vehicles, weapons and skins at the PR Media Galery. (Have to be a registered member of

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