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Author: Operation Peacekeeper 2 Team

Operation Peacekeeper is a modern warfare modification for the popular game Battlefield 2, based on a fictional developement of the actual Kosovo conflict.
The mod features two different sides - the German Bundeswehr and the Serbian VSCG - engaing in the rough and mountainous terrain of kosovo.

Both use state of the art military weapon systems like the German Leopard 2A6 MBT, as well as older, but yet still effective equipment, like the russian build Mi24V Hind E used by the Serbian forces. For a complete list of the vehicles and weapons just visit the media section of the OPK-homepage.
The maps cover a large array of diferent settings, such as for example a domestic port, a small village somewhere in the mountains, or a military airport attacked by German airborne troops. Each map also covers another aspect of gameplay - some of the maps are rather small and feature intensive close quarter infantry battle, while others take place in more open but still hilly locations which are perfect for tanks supported by helicopters etc.

OPK O.27: Download & Changelog:

-Ambush: Changed the numbers of Helicopter and Jets. Both Teams now have two Helis and one Jet
-Harbour Sabotage: Fixed a Problem in the Spawnmenu caused by the BF2 Editor, wich made it verry difficult to select a spawnpoint
-Monastari Zogosiji: Changed the position of Landing Zone Alpha and some of it's spawnpoints for gameplay reasons
-Bordercontrol: Fixed a wrong entry in the Ini, wich caused invisble weapons and missing sounds io the upgrade kits.
-Airfield Assault: Fixed a localisation mistake. There is only one Radartower left now.

-You don't need 2 People in a squad anymore to upgrade your kit, if there are less than 2 players in your team

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