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Author: CrazySoldiersProductions

What was originally just a bunch of random bored ideas for things like flying tanks and submarine dump trucks, became a mod. Our mod is based on the idea Sandbox Mod created as far as free form construction, but we grew tired of the same old, and wanted to see what we could do.

This is an extremely out of the ordinary mod and has been in production for a long time as more of a project. We developed our own animation system, some new server admin commands to help fight the people who might abuse some more fun items, as well as our own Weapon Selection system. We have our own Loading and Saving Network that you can log into and post images of each of your groups and even set them so other people can view those images and choose to load them publicly, or you can choose to keep them private.

We like for everyone to have fun. If you feel that the only way you can have fun is to bother others having fun, then maybe this mod isn't for you.

Thanks again, to everyone who has helped us make this mod, and for the support from the Death By Binary community.

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