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Run the build exe first to extract and copy surreal to your hard drive. Then run the levels exe. Both exe will copy the files to correct place, if you have a standard install.

The levels exe will copy only the server side files of the bf2 maps to your computer. You need to copy the client.zips yourself. There is a batch file in the levels folder to do it for you. This was done simply to keep size to a minimum ( There is a shortcut in the main folder which you can copy to your desktop to launch mod directly. To remove, simply delete the surreal folder. This mod does not effect your bf2 game

Well its not quite a 100% full blown release, but its not quite a mini mod either, so what's all in it. Well here goes. We have 4 different sets of vehicles, our two military sides - Rebel & Militia, plus we have Civilian and Alien vehicles. In total we have (in this release)


Military Vehicles
2x Light Recon Vehicles
2 x Heavy Recon Vehicles
2 x Scout Cars
2 x Planes

Civilian Vehicles
3 x Cars
2 x Dune Buggies

1 x Heavy Tank

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