Mod: Georgian Conflict 0.211 (Levels)
8.8.08 the day of the Georgian conflict. Many will say that Russia attacked Georgia or Georgia attacked Russia why? Because the story is unclear and each side tries to blame each other to cover up the truth... isn't that what government is all about.
  File Name: gc_install_levels.exe     Author: ReventProduction
  File Size: 152.21 MB   Files Added: 2
  Downloads: 10,617 (5 last week)   Author Downloads: 15,522 (13 last week)
  Posted: 22.02.2010   Supporters: 2 (+1 Add)
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By battlefieldcurtis (SI Newbie) on Sep 01, 2010
Rating - 4/5
Good mod. Big bummer about mod is that there is no singleplayer. Also there are no online servers. The big thing I do love about this mod is that you can unlock stronger weapons (a idea that no other mod has dont). But once again, there are no online servers, so you cant unlock any weapon.