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o==ll;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;> BF2 OMS2S Season1 "Fight for Honor" Patch v0.2

The BF2-OMS2S Mod is a single or co-operation player infantry mod.
All BF2 maps are compatible with the OMS2S Mod.
You require installation with BF2 v1.5 Patch & BF2 OMS2 Single Mission Mod v0.5 Season1(final)
to play this Battlefield 2 OMS2S "Fight for Honor" patch v0.2 Mod.
Enjoy your game!

Credits :
ESAI v4.2 by Void

- map -
Survivals - Autor: JONES, 2009(I renamed the "Crossfire" map to "Survivals" map.).*
sniper_valley_ii - Coronaextra,2010
OperationRain - bot support by, pacman28,Operation Fox & rain by imtheheadhunter(rename by drillcounter).*
op_candybay - Outlawz,2010.
Deep_Woods - JONSE
Strike_at_Abu_Dhabi - pirelli.*
Adh_Oasis_Revisited - a bf2 map by TheDark.*
Terminus - a bf2 map by TheDark.*
Gulf of Oman & Strike at Karkand - map resize,renewal by drillcounter
( * SOME MAPS ARE RENEWED & BEST FITTED by drillcounter * )

- weapons -
Dual deserteagles chrome,deserteagle_chrome - by SatNav
M40A3 - by SatNav
usp chrome - by REQUIN94(battlefield-solo team)
binoculars - by REQUIN94
spas12 shotgun - by REQUIN94
Rambo3 knife - by SatNav
rurif_aksu74,rurif_aksu74_aimpoint - by REQUIN94.*
Timed_C4 - Auteur : Silverballer & Joledingue
usrif_hk416_sd - by REQUIN94
Javelin - by SatNav
uspis_kimber,uspis_glock18C,isrpis_deagle - battlefield-solo team
bfr_m16a4_iron,m4a1 - battlefield-solo team
m16a2,m4,l96a1 re-animation by EnemySniper.*
m95 barret - BF:BC2 style re-animation by chad509.*
M82A1 - re-animation by m.combat,skin by JONSE.
RPK74 - re-animation by EnemySniper.*
F2000,F2000SS - porting MOH2010 F2000 by GlebCLOSE.*
M4A2,M4A3 - by EnemySniper.*

- Vehicles -
ahe_md500 - by Guedoe(OMS_500MD littlebird helicopter)
OerlikonAA & RH202 - by SatNav

- Skins -
m16a2,m4,m82a1 skin by JONSE

- Modder -

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