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Global Storm is modification for Battlefield 2 v1.5.

Main goal of GS mod is to improve gameplay with semi-realistic style

GSmod will try to take best from modern games and put it in one place while keeping GS mod bug free(same bug free level as BF2 version 1.5) and playable on OLD PCs.

Since so far I'm only one who is developing this mod, the progress will be quite slow. But never the less GS mod for now has a higher weapons damage, faster rockets, RPG-7v, 3D ironsights, new sprinting animations, Apache and Hind helicopters plus BMP3 from Special Forces exp. There's also a bigger Single Player map sizes thanks to the work of "Ti_GER arn354".

"Emiliomau" made Eotech holo and reflex sight.
"InsanityPays" made new USMC MARPATs

Special thanks to "dodek96_pl" because without of his nerves of steel and his tutorials this mod would be dead from day one.


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