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After more than two years in the making and much anticipation, DoomLab Studio is proud to release the 1st Official build of Battlefield Apocalypse v0.1, a Total BF2 Conversion!

What is Battlefield Apocalypse? BF:A is a total conversion of the EA/Dice multi-player pc game (SINGLE PLAYER IS NON-FUNCTIONAL AT THIS TIME), Battelfield2 with all new maps, weapons, vehicles and player characters(coming in v0.2), based in a post-apocalyptic era. The world as we know it has been destroyed and it’s every beast for themselves! You rely on whatever you can find to survive in the wasteland, or thrive in it. Never underestimate the power of any weapon or vehicle, no matter how insignificant it may appear.


Death Rally 69
Fuel Outpost
Ground Zero
Sea of the Cyclopean
Three Mile Island
Tug of War
Vile Ville

Arsenal and Reavers Weapons Arsenal
A couple things not listed in the arsenal are; the Nuke, which will obliterate every living thing on the map that doesn’t take cover, and our special version of humiliation. Instead of tea bagging your enemies mortally wounded body, you can unzip & mark your territory by taking a whizz on his head!

Blue Baron
Boom Kart
Doom Buggy
Doom Wagon
Dump Truck
Flame Camaro
Gladiator Bi-Plane
Interceptor Pursuit Special
Mad Max Truck
Monster Truck
Ramp Boat
Speed Boat

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