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- The paintgun and teubegun have seen their firing range extended.
- Uncapturable flags are off limits to the enemy team.
- Weapons no longer have infinite ammunition, it is necessary to resupply near paint cans (as in BF1942)
- Naval battle game mode for the OK Coral map (inspired by BF 1942)
- Bisouporte (code offered to SGLR mod)

8 New Maps: The mine, Santa Claus the window, Jungle Boing, Inferno, La zizanie, Peinturlurage, OK Coral, Brie Quiche Battle

Vehicles: The "voiture pantoufle" (amphibious), The "bainkiroul", The "barbiscoot" (4 seats), The "canardenforce" (water scooters), The "mongolfiair" (2 versions, including one carrying a grosstach), The "paquebotte", The "wagon"

10 New Weapons: Pinceaukitu, Bananamolette (to repair vehicles), SnowBall, FireBall, Boulkipu, impact and delayed poison gas grenade, Flamethrower, FlyGun, Grosstach (fixed weapon), Carot (to heal)

4 New Kits: Winter kit, Flyer kit, Infernal kit, Demo kit

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