Battlefield 3, review by herodotus

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The Beta Finally Releases as a Retail Product.

What a mess! There, that's the best intro I can give.
"BF3"'s launch, which really should have been left for a few more months is a quick cash-grab for the "CoD" fans, as the SP interactive movie loaded with faulty quick-time events is quick to prove. Co-op - another nod to the console crowd, and one fraught with problems is strictly scripted with each level unlocked after the other - a strange and questionable design choice. The MP - aw hell!
While the game has scored highly (just a quick check of Metacritic will show this) the litany of issues concerning log-ins, server disconnects, crashes, massive lag, bugs, glitches and general mayhem has produced a game that is really in Beta stage, not final retail. It's something that is now openly accepted by all but the die-hard "BF" fanbots.
Dice have realised and admitted to the issues, as if they didn't really see them coming anyway, and assure us that a patch will be in the works and available "in a couple of weeks", meanwhile working on server issues and memory leaks. Doesn't cut it for most, and many a console gamer has already admitted that they will trade in their "BF3" XB/PS3 discs for "MW3" when it releases in a week.
The so-called "open Beta", which on reflection WAS a rough demo in reality was simply put out to induce FPS gamers who weren't already committed to purchasing the game to cross the line and pre-order. On launch what we all got was the true beta (at least for PC), where SP is bugged (aside from boring as all hell), Co-Op is broken and MP still a work-in-progress.
Battlelog is still unproven, and a very poor attempt to go up against "CoD Elite". If you're into Social Networking, than Battlelog is for you (when it works). If you just want to play the darn game, then be prepared to jump trough many hoops, then go back and jump through them all again. Battlelog was meant to streamline server connection, yet despite the tonnes of feedback from the "open beta"/demo it is worse than it was then. Joining a server can take up to 5-6 minutes, then it must load, then, if you are lucky you will connect to game. If there isn't massive lag and rubberbanding you might be lucky enough to get in a full match (and realise that there are many problems already being listed in the map designs). If, on the other hand you are one of the many the game will freeze, go black and CTD (or freeze completely leading to a reboot of the system).

Now, there are those happily playing who are not having problems with the game (the vagaries of the PC), but these are in the smallest of minorities.
All-in-all, "BF3" is in a pretty dreadful state. In a few months, hopefully when all the suggestions and feedback from the players, on top of fixing the known and gamebreaking issues are implemented and fixed, respectively this just might be an excellent MP game (forget the SP component). At present, however this mishmash of curios cannot be given anything more than 5 out of 10.
Posted on 10/31/2011 22:00
5.5 alright