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Gossamer's Bad Company 2 Launcher
Version 1.3
This tool is meant for players to be able to modify settings that are not changeable from the In-Game settings menu. These are normally found in the settings.ini file in your MyDocumentsBFBC2.

What this application does is load all your settings in and allows you to change them all, save them directly back to the settings.ini file then directly launch your game.

+ Directly Launch Bad Company 2
+ Change Every Single Graphics Option (Including Direct X Level, Field of View, Shadows Detail, etc)
+ Clean GUI-based application for easy navigation
+ Works with Steam, Retail, Direct 2 Drive copies and more
+ Change your connection port to solve multiplayer issues with multiple people on the same router!
+ Many more features!

This is the first launcher built for Bad Company 2, enjoy!

PS: I have tested this with 3 Steam-Based users and 2 Retail user (Online Activation Method)

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