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ARSENAL v0.31 "final"


Battlefield Vietnam Unofficial Expansion




Arsenal mod adds improved realism, historical accuracy and expanded gameplay to the Battlefield Vietnam.



- Battlefield Vietnam 1.21

- Battefield Vietnam Arsenal v0.30

How to install the BFV Arsenal v0.31:


Unzip BFV_Arsenal_v031.part1.rar file into your "Battlefield Vietnam\Mods" folder. The winrar will automaticaly unzipe the 2nd part. Overwrite the existing files.





version 0.31 changelog :


- fixed the M20 Super Bazooka animation.

- added the Mosin Nagant rifle grenade (model/texture/animation by Odanan, based on the SWoWW2 rifle grenade). Created a new Grenadier class for the Vietcong.

- added the australian Owen smg. Model by Der_Meister, texture by Forgotten Honor team and animation by Odanan.

- fixed the bug and improved the map Operation Fubar.

- removed some unnused code for optimizing the mod.

- changed the ScoreManagerSettings due to suggestions.

- increased the damage of AntiTank weapons.

- removed the duckbill of the Ithaca shotgun. Added this weapon for the MACV-SOG Engineer.

- fixed 3th person camera view.

- fixed 1st person animation for the M20 Super Bazooka.

- fixed 3th animation animation for the Sterling L2A3 and Sterling L34A1.

- fixed sounds of smgs in 3th person view.

- added new sounds for Owen, F1 smg, and all new shotguns.

- changed all land vehicles ammo loadout. Edited the damage, ROF and removed heat for almost all machineguns.

- added RPK for a new NVA Light Support class. Model and texture by Odanan (a modification of the AK-47).

- changed the ammo clip for the Enfield No4 from 5 to 10. Made an animation for the reloading (not perfect, but do you know how ugly is to edit BF animations?)

- fixed shadows and collision for the Cobra.

- fixed some missing animations.

- added Springfield M1903A4 (sniper rifle) for the ARVN marksman. Model is the K98 from the WW2 mod modified by Odanan.

- added Browning M2 .50 cal mg for the turret of the M113 and the Patton. Added it also as a Stationary weapon. (thanks to Zixed who riped it out from the WW2 mod)

- added smoke effect and overheat (to prevent long bursts) for some silenced weapons (Sten and Sterling).

- edited the hitpoints (mostly decreasing) for several vehicles and stationary weapons (artillery weapons and fixed mgs).

- back passengers of the NVA APC (BRT60) now can fire their weapons.

- added improved model for the PKT (NVA tank mounted mg). Add also RPD and PKT stationary.

- added Arisaka model 99, old japanese rifle from WW2. It was used by the VC (captured weapons). Model by Odanan/Willian_II, based on the No4 Enfield by EA/Dice. Texture (based on the No4) and mapping by Odanan.

- added Nambu Model 14 pistol, other japanese weapon found with the VCs. Model and mapping by Willian_II and texture based on real pictures.

- added Type 97 japanese grenade. Model by Der_Meister and texture/mapping by Odanan.

- added new uniforms and overlays for the ANZAC.

- finally fixed the BFV grenade deploy animation.

- added the Sawed Off M79.

- improved AI. And thanks to Grenademan, bots will use every sort of weapons and equipment.

- added RDG-2 smoke grenade for the NVA/VC. Model and Texture by Odanan.

- added the chinese replica of the Mosin Nagant M91/44, the Type 53 Carbine.

- added the chinese replica of the SKS-1945, the Type 56 Carbine.

- added bayonet for every weapon that have it: Type 53 Carbine (M91/44), Type 56 Carbine (SKS), Type 63 and Type 56 Assault Rifle (AKMS). This last one still have a flawed stab animation.

- added new uniforms, heads and menu icons for the MACVSOG.

- reduced the zoom of every (not scoped) weapon to make it more realistic.

- made planes ammo loadout, projectiles and damage more realistic.

- several changes on the kits (refer to the bfv_arsenal_kits.xls for more details).

- added silenced M-16 with scope for the MACVSOG.

- added silenced M-21 for the Navy Seals.

- added 1 more rocket pod pair for the Mi8 hellicopter.

- fixed bugged BFV AI for KA-25.

- released an "alpha" version for testing.

- improved the all vehicles AI. Bots will be more agressive and search for the better targets.

- added new insignias for the US 8th Tactical Fighter Wing.

- added alternative ground attack version for the Mig21. Texture, modeling and coding by Odanan.

- added alternative air superiority version for the F-4 Phantom. Base grey texture, modeling and coding by Odanan. Sebastian Schneider made decals for customizing the texture in 3 different versions.

- added the AIM-9 and PL-3 Atoll missiles. Model by RussianComrad and texture/coding by Odanan. Capt.Frederick_Drake gave suggestions, data and info background for the behavior of the missiles ingame.

- added new texture for the Mig 21 dogfight (by Odanan).

- added new textures for the Marines Cobra (by Odanan).

- added new texture for Cobra with decals by Sebastian Schneider.

- added new map by RussianComrad: Operation Bolo. It´s an air dogfight map with lot´s of action with Mig-21 vs F-4s.

- RussianComrad improved and balanced his maps (Jungle Ghosts and Long Tan).

- added a new Huey Gunship, armed with 3 miniguns and 1 rocket pod. Coded by Odanan.

- for balance, ticket ratio was changed. Mappers, follow this rate: 115 Khmer Rouge = 110 VC = 100 NVA/ARVN = 95 ANZAC/US Army/Marines = 90 Special Forces.

- released a "beta" version for more tests.

- added new unnarmed transport Chinook (model and coding by Odanan).

- added alternate version of the AH-1 Cobra (model by Willian_II, mapping and coding by Odanan, texture by Sebastian Schneider and Odanan).

- added new effects for autocannons projectiles explosion.

- added another alternate version for the Phantom, armed with 6 Mark 82 bombs. (new) Phantom texture: Odanan, Bomb model: Willian_II, Bomb Texture/Mapping: Odanan, Coding: Odanan.

- added the bomb Mark 83 (model is a resized mark 82) for the A-7 Corsair.

- added a new silenced Car-15 with forward grip.

- naval vehicles improved by Zixed.

- added dogfight version of the Phantom, armed with a 20mm autocannon and 4 AIM-9 missiles.

- improved the load of the planes (Mig 17, Skyraiders).

- edited the speed of all planes to match with their real specifications.

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